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A.S.M.E. Individually Piped Cascade

SCBAS, Inc individually piped A.S.M.E. 6000 psi cascade systems 

With an individually piped system, each cylinder must have its own hose that is routed to a distribution manifold or air control panel (such as SCBAS Inc series HPM manifolds or FP series air control panels). The cascading sequence is then controlled at the distribution unit instead of at the storage cylinders themselves. The storage cylinder valves are all opened, but you control the system from a remote location, usually being a manifold or air control panel.

Each A.S.M.E. cylinder includes the cylinder, an ASME relief valve, drain valve, shut-off valve, 7500 psi liquid filled gauge, drain valve, and #4 JIC male hose connection. You must specify whether the cylinders will be installed in the vertical or horizontal mounting configuration.

This system works very well when mounting a cascade system in an apparatus where the storage cylinders will be difficult to get to, or in your station when you want to fill your SCBA cylinders in a different room than your storage system is located. This configuration is also used with fill enclosures and or breathing air systems that have their own cascade controls systems.


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