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Pigtail Cascade

SCBAS, Inc pigtailed cascade systems come in different pressures, 4500 PSI, 5000 PSI, and 6000 PSI

The pigtailed system, each cylinder is connected together with a tee connection and a 24” flexible pigtail. To cascade this system when refilling SCBA cylinder, the operator must open each storage cylinder valve individually as needed.

Our standard system includes the cylinders with valve and cap, a tee connection for each cylinder, a 24” flexible pigtail between each cylinder, a seal tight cap for the inlet end of the system and a self-standing vertical storage rack made with steel tube. The system may also be purchased without the rack if not needed.

For your convenience, we can add a pressure reducing regulator and a 6’ fill hose to any system and you have a complete working system, ready to be put into service. Just fill with air and start filling SCBA cylinders. The cylinders can be shipped to you filled with NPFA 1500 Grade “D” air if needed.


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