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Air Control Panels

SCBAS INC. air control fill panels include the following standard features:

  • Panel overlay with NFPA 1901 color code, flow diagram, and ¼” thick aluminum panel
  • 2 ½” gauge for each bank
  • Soft seat control valve for each bank
  • Push-to-set pressure reducing regulator, 0-6000 PSI inlet, 0-6000 PSI outlet
  • 2 ½” Master inlet gauge for regulator
  • 2 ½” Regulated pressure gauge, pied at 2216 PSI, 4500 PSI, and 5500 PSI
  • Quick disconnect system refill with valve
  • CGA-347 male outlet with valve
  • All valves, fittings and tubing are rated for 6000 PSI working pressure (minimum)
  • All gauges are liquid filled, 2 ½” diameter, 0-7500 psi
  • All control valves can be rebuilt from the front of the panel without disturbing any plumbing
  • Preset relief valve on regulator outlet
  • Panels are manufactured to meet or exceed NFPA-1901 standards
  • SCBA fill pressure gauge on standard outlet
  • Extra push-to-set pressure regulator, 0-6000 PSI outlet or 0-400 PSI outlet with regulated pressure gauge and soft seat control valve
  • Extra outlet(s)
  • Booster pump connections with soft seat control valve
  • Custom sizes and lay-outs for panels to meet your specifications
  • We will build a panel any size or configuration as long as we deem that it is safe, functional, and satisfies NFPA-1901 standards
  • Custom black powder painted air control panel enclosure with hinge.
  • Custom Company or Fire Department logo’s on the panel overlay

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