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Salvage Master

The Salvage Master is a unique, powerful, back-mounted wet vacuum to help in cleanup operations

Key Features

The Honeywell Salvage Master is a highly efficient wet vacuum unit designed for quick pickup and disposal of water and debris. It’s ideal for everything from fire department salvage operations to routine cleaning in hard-to-get-at places.

Recommended Industries/Use

Fire Protection



Warranty Information

1 year

Honeywell TITAN

Your SCBA is the single-most important piece of equipment you will take into a fire. It needs to be reliable, comfortable and user-friendly, so you can have 100 percent confidence in your equipment during the heat of the battle. That’s why Honeywell developed TITAN SCBA, a new SCBA with advanced functionality for safety, reliability and usability. Through extensive collaboration and testing with firefighters, we designed the Honeywell TITAN to be smart, intuitive and easy to use, delivering everything you need in your SCBA - and nothing you don’t

Key Features
  • Certified as NFPA 2013 Compliant
  • NIOSH Certified
  • CBRN Certified
  • Carrying Handle and Strap
  • Lightweight Backplate
  • Four Carabiner Attachments
  • Two Regulator Receivers
  • Low-air Alarm
  • Visual Low-air Alarms
  • Cylinder Band
  • Optional Front PASS
  • PASS Alarms
  • Two Motion Sensors
  • Optional Pathfinder
  • Central Power Supply
  • Swivel and Pivot Hip Pad
  • Optional Quick-release Buddy Breather
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Gear Straps
  • Grab Handles
  • First Stage Pressure Reducer
  • Rapid Intervention Crew/Company Universal Air Connection (RIC UAC)
  • D-rings
  • Optional Sliding D-ring
  • Twenty/20+ CBRN Facepiece
  • Hard-wired Heads-up Display (HUD)
  • Voice Amplification System (VAS)
  • Wireless Radio Communication System (RCS)

Product Preview

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Product Preview

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