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Coltri Breathing Air System


SCBAS INC pleased to offer a complete breathing air system. The system is loaded with premium features. The system includes the compressor, an NFPA two position fill enclosure, control panel, four 6000 PSI cascade bottles, carbon monoxide multigas monitor, freight, installation and in-service training. For complete details, please contact us.

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Key Features
  • SILENT cabinet with excellent soundproofing and insulation designed todrop below the 70 dB threshold while in service.
  • 10 horsepower motor – Single or 3-phase power
  • Equipped with the most powerful 4-stage compressor, oil pump,adjustable auto stop, auto-condensate moisture drain system, interstagegauges and intercoolers. Max pressure 6000 psi.
  • Filtration system has 2 anodized aluminum hyper filters for producinggrade E air. Cartridge #1 is drying agent; Cartridge #2 is molecular sieve,activated carbon and co-catalyst. Filter life: approximately 40 hours ofrun time.
  • Control panel and electrical switchboard include start/stop, faultindicators, hour meter, and air monitoring levels.
  • Electrical switchboard includes the SAM Multi-gas for monitoring carbonmonoxide, carbon dioxide, and moisture. Monitoring system performsself-calibration.
  • Set-up air-test for grade “E”, NFPA testing (SCUBA and SCBA AIR)
  • Overall dimensions of the compressor shall not exceed 36.8”(W) x51.3”(D) x 51.3”(H), 963 LBS
  • Performance – 1 Phase – 14.1 CFM / 3 Phase – 15.9 CFM•All electronics UL Certified
  • Fill station designed for filling two (2) SCBA cylinders simultaneouslyor separately. SCUBA cylinder with a maximum height of 30-½” anda maximum diameter of 7-¾”, including service valve, boot and fillattachment. Designed to contain the impact of suddenly expanded highpressure air and all displaced fragments in the unlikely event of a cylinderor fill component rupture.
  • Four bank air control panel with “To” and “From” bank controls with gaugeper bank, supply pressure gauge adjustable high-pressure regulator,regulated pressure gauge, by-pass valve for direct SCBA/SCUBA refilling,fill control valve for refilling SCBA/SCUBA cylinders, SCBA/SCUBA cylindervent control valve, and regulated auxiliary outlet with control valve andCGA fitting.
  • Performance-proven “air lock” access door design and balanced cylinderfill enclosure forward tilt rotation enhances operator comfort.
  • The breathing air storage system shall be integral and include fourcylinders, plumbing and hardware installed in accordance with all currentASME or UN/ISO codes,
  • UL® Certified two SCBA containment design fill station, subjected tounannounced periodic inspections and meet NFPA 1901 2016 editionrupture containment requirements.
  • Overall dimensions of the fill station including up to four integral airstorage cylinders shall not exceed 37-½”(W) x 34”(D) x 75”(H), 2050 LBS
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