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Eagle Air


EagleAir, Inc. manufactures high pressure breathing air systems for recharging SCBA & SCUBA cylinders. We are proud of the essential service we provide to first responders and those serving in defense of our nation worldwide.

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Safe Stations

SafeStations combine unsurpassed performance with the flexibility to create customized solutions. Our trusted fill station design offers advanced technology and state-of-the-art safety features like our three-layer containment protection cabinet, with configurations to meet every need. All of the SafeStations are certified for filling 5500 psig SCBA cylinders. EagleAir® fill stations are the only UL® Classified fill stations available on the market, which is a live certification that ensures post rupture test accountability for product safety standards. Our unique AirLock door utilizes air to assist the operator in opening and closing the fill station door, providing unparalleled ease-of-use in loading/unloading SCBA cylinders. All of our SafeStation models include control panels that feature graphic technology, grouping control and air flow components by function, which simplifies the SCBA fill operation. Our push-to-set regulator design eliminates accidental/unintended adjustments.


The SafeStationX2 is a certified SCBA containment fill station capable of filling up to two cylinders simultaneously, featuring a sleek design that minimizes required floor space and allows for either bulk-fill control or up to four-bank cascade controls.

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The SafeStationX3 is a certified SCBA containment fill station capable of filling up to three cylinders simultaneously. This large capacity fill station is supplied with an illuminated fill control panel as a standard feature.

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The SafeStationX4 offers maximum performance and efficiency with a four SCBA cylinder capacity and the versatility to fill two cylinders while loading/unloading two others, eliminating downtime between fills. This is the only certified containment fill station available on the market that is capable of filling four SCBA cylinders simultaneously, which is not only suited for larger volume fire departments, it also allows an average-sized user to fill more SCBA cylinders in a given time without having to increase the airflow rate.

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The TalonBAC is specifically designed for a working pressure of 6000 PSIG. It includes all of the features of the RaptorBAC, with additional standard safety features, as well as increased performance capability in the available 15-hp and 20-hp models.

Model        CFM*    HP      PSIG    Weight Lbs. 
T210M        14.0    10   6000       1750 
T215M        20.7    15   6000        1785
T220N        27.0              20   6000        1995 

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Careful attention to detail makes the RaptorBAC a highly efficient and easy-to-use unit. Graphic technology makes it easy to monitor compressor performance, and our advanced design maintains the ideal operating environment for enhanced safety.

Model   CFM     HP     PSIG      Weight Lbs  
RCA05C    5.8   5   5000      1350 
RCA08C    8.6    7.5   5000      1355 
RCA08F    9.5    7.5   6000      1395 
RCA10F    14.0   10   6000      1415 

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Harrier CFS Breathing

This versatile trailer-mounted breathing air compressor system is our latest design for mobile applications. The single-axle, compact and lightweight HarrierCFS system includes the same basic accessories as our dual-axle AirQuestSMT unit, while reducing the weight to approximately 6,400 lbs. and featuring improved maneuverability. Our complete SCBA/SCUBA cylinder fill system includes 6000 psig compressors ranging from 14 to 27 CFM, a customizable air storage system and a certified containment fill station that meets current NFPA standards. The GenSet power design offers the flexibility to operate the system in the field or from a central location wired to a fixed power grid.

  • Complete, mobile SCBA/SCUBA cylinder refill system including the compressor in capacities ranging from 14 to 27 CFM, containment fill station and choice of air storage system.
  • Single point, illuminated operating control center located at the rear of the trailer for maximum simplicity and operator safety.
  • Large gull-wing lift-up maintenance access doors on each side of the trailer.
  • AirLock design of fill station access door minimizes operator fatigue when loading and unloading cylinders.
  • Aluminum body and frame construction.
  • Single-axle design with approximate total weight of 6,400 lbs.
  • Swing-up access door is designed to provide operator shelter from sun, rain, sleet and snow.
  • UL® Classified fill station certified for filling 5500 psig SCBA cylinders.
  • Meets or exceeds NFPA 1901, 2016 Edition standards.
  • Includes an ambient air flow control design that directs the necessary volume of cooling air to the compressor and GenSet drive components, allowing for operation with the gull-wing doors closed.
  • Includes an integral, top discharge extractor to completely vent the resulting hot air from the compression process out of the enclosure.
  • EnerGen option includes all necessary controls and instrumentation so that the system can be used as an electric power supply generator.
   Model      CFM     HP     PSIG    Weight Lbs. 
  HA10M   14.0    10   6000       6400 
  HA15M     20.7    15   6000        6400 
  HA20N   27.0    20   6000        6400 

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Ranger Compressors

Ranger air compressors deliver our proven performance in a full range of configurations to meet customers’ precise specifications. Ranger’s multi-stage reciprocating compressors have a capacity range from 9.5 to 27 CFM and can be customized with an array of driver combinations, including electric or hydraulic motors or diesel engines. Units can be configured vertically or horizontally and also can be modified for mobile or special use.

    Model       CFM      HP     PSIG     Weight Lbs  
   RA08F    9.5    7.5   6000       1470 
   RA10F   14.0    10   6000       1490 
   RA15M   20.7   15   6000       1785 
   RA20N   27.0   20   6000       1995 

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Mobile Containment Fill Stations

With the most advanced operator safety and user-friendly technology, EagleAir® mobile fill stations are designed to meet and exceed customer expectations. Carefully designed features minimize operator fatigue and allow our mobile units to blend seamlessly with existing equipment. EagleAir® fill stations are the only UL® Classified fill stations available on the market, which is a live certification that ensures post rupture test accountability for product safety standards. Our mobile fill stations meet or exceed NFPA 1901 standards.

Model Number of SCBA Fills   Height     Width     Depth     Weight Lbs. 
CSSX2 (vertical)                  2     38"     16.5"      25"         700 
CSSX2 (horizontal)                      2    16.5"      38"      25"        700 
SWX2                  2     33"      25"      23"         650
CSSX4                  4    51.5"      40"      25"        1750 


Centurion SafeStationX2

Two-position design (vertical or horizontal) format allows filling two (2) SCBA/SCUBA cylinders simultaneously or separately. It includes our unique AirLock access door design that offers complete stress-free operation, even during extended periods of filling. This model requires a minimal amount of compartment space and is available with up to 4-bank integral cascade control panels.

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Centurion SafeStationX4

Our unique four-position design allows for the filling of four (4) SCBA cylinders OR two (2) SCUBA cylinders simultaneously in a minimal amount of compartment floor space (40" wide x 25" deep). This includes the same AirLock access door found on the CSSX2 and is supplied with an integral, top-mount cascade control panel.

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Two-position fill station designed for filling SCBA cylinders only. This space-saving configuration includes our “slide & pull” access door design for maximum operator comfort. These units are available with up to 6-bank integral cascade control panels.

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